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The Shrine "Primitive Blast" LP (WHITE Vinyl)

The Shrine "Primitive Blast" LP (WHITE Vinyl)

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Venice, CA's pool-skating, acid-eating, rip-roaring trio The Shrine plays "Psychedelic Violence Rock and Roll" that will melt your face off! The bitchin' band's bad-ass new record Primitive Blast fuses "the wilder riffs of your dad's Thin Lizzy and Black Sabbath LPs" with "the fury of a punk show getting busted by the cops" and is so wild-eyed and surly that it has to be heard to be believed! The follow up to their Chuck Dukowski (Black Flag founding member and huge The Shrine fan) produced debut, Primitive Blast delivers a crossover bitch slap of gargantuan proportions. This album instantaneously announces The Shrine as both a band that "you better pay attention to" and the most devil-may-care gang of brothers to soil the streets of LA since DLR and EVH played The Troubadour. Recorded on vintage gear and reel-to-reel tape through mountainous Marshall stacks, Primitive Blast is the perfect soundtrack to cracking your skull skating your neighbor's empty pool (or to any other debaucherous gathering of longhairs), delivering nine blasts of searing guitar, spazzed-out drums and shook-up bass lines that seriously signal The Shrine as a ticking time bomb that's about to explode.

Third Pressing of 100 on WHITE Vinyl.

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