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Not Like You Records

Stale Phish "Rock N Roll Revert" LP

Stale Phish "Rock N Roll Revert" LP

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After selling over 200 copies of their self-released CD during their "shred the southwest" tour, Detroit's Stale Phish has joined forces with Not Like You Records to bring you the vinyl release. The band features pro skater Garold Vallie and brings to mind the classic skate punk energy and fun of bands like JFA, Drunk Injuns and The Faction. This full-length is for fans of the early "Thrasher's Skate Rock" compilation series and old-school skate punk. 

Track Listing:

1. Shred Sled
2. Drain The Pool
3. Teen Mom
4. Skatecation Holiday
5. I Was Drunk (When I Met Your Mom)
6. So Long
7. Bobs Place
8. Gators Song
9. Slam Zone
10. Memory
11. Lone Rider
12. While You Skated Street (I Skated Pool With Your Mom)
13. Skate Or Snake
14. Troll Dos, Adios!
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