Social Distortion "Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell" LP (180g)

Social Distortion "Somewhere Between Heaven And Hell" LP (180g)

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Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell is their fourth studio album originally released in 1992. It continues the melding of country and rockabilly influences with punk that began two albums before with the album Prison Bound. Clear influences include Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. The album also marks the first time that a Social Distortion line-up had not changed in three consecutive studio recordings.

2011 Music On Vinyl. Limited 180g Vinyl Reissue on BLACK Vinyl. Import.


1. Cold Feelings
2. Bad Luck
3. Making Believe
4. Born to Lose
5. Bye Bye Baby
6. When She Begins
7. 99 to Life
8. King of Fools
9. Sometimes I Do
10. This Time Darlin'