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Mystic Records

NOFX "Maximum Rocknroll" Cassette

NOFX "Maximum Rocknroll" Cassette

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Legendary NOFX record featuring 21 tracks taken from different Mystic Records' recording sessions including their first two EPs as well as compilation and bonus tracks. 

Cassette Version

Track Listing:

1. Live Your Life
2. My Friends
3. Six Pack Girls
4. Bang Gang
5. Hit It Hold It Back
6. ID
7. Cops And Donuts
8. Iron Man
9. Shitting Bricks
10. Mom's Rules
11. On My Mind
12. White Bread
13. Lager In The Dark
14. Too Mixed Up
15. Drain Bramaged
16. Bob Turkee
17. No Problems
18. Memories
19. Beast Within
20. Instramental
21. Ant Attack

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