Misfits "Evilive" LP

Misfits "Evilive" LP

Plan 9 Records
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This live album captures the Misfits in all their ghoulish glory, tearing through tracks from "Walk Among Us" and early singles. Recorded in 1981 on both the West Coast (San Francisco) and the East Coast (New York). It even features Henry Rollins of SOA and Black Flag fame doing guest vocals on one song ("We Are 138"). 

2018 Pressing on Black Vinyl.

Track Listing:

1. 20 Eyes
2. Night Of The Living Dead
3. Astro Zombies
4. Horror Business
5. London Dungeon
6. Nike A Go Go
7. Hatebreeders
8. Devils Whorehouse
9. All Hell Breaks Loose
10. Horror Hotel
11. Ghouls Night Out
12. We Are 138