Let Rage! "Stay Safe, Stay Strong" 7" (COLOR Vinyl)

Let Rage! "Stay Safe, Stay Strong" 7" (COLOR Vinyl)

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Formed when Timmy Chunks (Token Entry, Redemption 87) got the itch to start a new band at Punk Rock Bowling a few years ago, Let Rage! have been on a mission ever since. Without trying to fit into a preconceived mold or genre, Let Rage! is a combination of their influences. Circle pits, singalongs and breakdowns are all present and accounted for. At times Bouncing Souls, at others NYHC, or even a slew of early 80’s Southern Cali punk, it all comes thru loud and clear on “Stay Safe, Stay Strong”. 

105 on Blue Vinyl
93 on Red Vinyl
300 on Black Vinyl


1. Stay Safe Stay Strong
2. Digital Choice
3. Fatburger Hooker
4. We're Doomed
5. All My Best Friends Live In Jersey