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Flip Skateboards "Sorry" O.S.T. LP (COLOR Vinyl)

Flip Skateboards "Sorry" O.S.T. LP (COLOR Vinyl)

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The full soundtrack to the classic skate video from an era when the music choices were as formative as the style. Featuring tracks from The Stooges, Gray Matter, Placebo, The Faction, The Prodigy and hosted by the one and only Johnny Rotten, this soundtrack is a must have for any fan of late '90s, early '00s skate culture.

Limited pressing of 500 on YELLOW / BLACK SPLATTERED Vinyl.
Includes a 12” x 12” sticker sheet with 6 designs.


Side A:
1. Johnny Rotten - Master of Ceremonies & Introduction
2. The Stooges (Flip Team) - Be Your Dog
3. Placebo (Mark Appleyard) - Every You, Every Me
4. Gray Matter (Ali Boulala) - Burn No Bridges
5. The Faction (Alex Chalmers) - Let’s Go Get Cokes
6. Mr. Dibbs (Bastien Salabanzi) - Turntable Scientifics
7. Gray Matter (Geoff Rowley) - I Am The Walrus

Side B:
1. The Prodigy (Rune Glifberg) - Breathe
2. Edith Piaf (Tom Penny) - La Vie En Rose
3. Velvet Underground (Tom Penny) - Venus In Furs
4. David Bowie (Arto Saari) - 1984
5. David Bowie (Arto Saari) - Rock And Roll Suicide
6. Connie Francis (Sorry!) - Who’s Sorry Now?

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