Fastplants "Spread The Stoke" LP

Fastplants "Spread The Stoke" LP

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Following in the tradition of legendary skaterock bands THE FACTION, JFA, LOS OLVIDADOS. FASTPLANTS bring you 11 original hard hitting, ass kicking, tuneful skaterock/punk rock songs. This album will get you up and moving and super hyped and wanting to grab your skateboard and go out and shred and Spread the Stoke!

If you skateboard chances are you have heard of or even seen the FASTPLANTS in person. They tour all throughout the USA playing skateparks, skate contests , DIY skate spots, parties, clubs and anywhere that will have them. Their mission is to play for as many people as possible and Spread the Stoke of skateboarding while doing it.


Side A

01. Speed Shakes
02. Como Esta
03. Downhill Slide
04. Get Some
05. Keno Dime
06. Mongo

Side B

01. RB2U
02. Broke Off
03. Spock
04. Kooks
05. Heal Me
06. Spread the Stoke