Fastplants / Daniel Waxhoff "split" LP

Fastplants / Daniel Waxhoff "split" LP

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If you skateboard chances are you have heard of or even seen the FASTPLANTS in person. They tour all throughout the USA playing skateparks, skate contests, DIY skate spots, parties, clubs and anywhere that will have them. Their mission is to play for as many people as possible and spread the stoke of skateboarding while doing it.

DANIEL WAXOFF is a skaterock band from Scotland the spreads the good will of skateboarding as well. Except they use thrash metal to do it.

With songs like "Grosso", "Longboarders", "Anti Humanity", "Hey You Guys" (about the Goonies how can you not love that?) "I Wanna Be a Dagger" plus more you know exactly what both bands are about. Its kick ass music with a skateboard theme.

This album is the perfect thing to stoke you out before you go sesh or afterwords for further inspiration! So pick this up, call up your friends and have them come over and listen to this and then go out and shred your favorite skate spot!



01. Drugs
02. Grosso
03. Jizzy
04. Hatesong
05. Longboarders
06. Anti-Humanity
07. FTS


01. Beermageddon
02. Hey You Guys
03. I Wanna BE a Dagger
04. Rogan Mosh
05. WxWxBxTxAx