Dr. Know "Killing For God" LP

Dr. Know "Killing For God" LP

Unrest Records
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Fourteen ripping new tracks of early 80's sounding California 'nardcore' in that classic Dr.Know style, showing that they haven't lost their edge or slowed down a bit.

Side A

  1. Father, Son and Holy Shit
  2. Tears of Black
  3. Truck With No Brakes
  4. Champagne and Shit
  5. Cartoon
  6. Tied Around Our Necks
  7. Die Hippie Die
  8. Innocence Falls
  9. Mother and Father

Side B

  1. Program the Man
  2. Neuter Your Leaders
  3. Solitary Life
  4. Used to be an Angel
  5. 2012 (Instrumental)
  6. America Eats Her Young (Dayglo Abortions)
  7. Mean Machine (Motorhead)
  8. Sacrifice (Flipper)
  9. Saints and Sinners