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Youth Of Today "Can't Close My Eyes" CD

Youth Of Today "Can't Close My Eyes" CD

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The Youth Of Today "Can't Close My Eyes" 7" was originally released by Positive Force Records in 1985, the label once run by 7 Seconds front-man Kevin Seconds. It was later reissued as a 12" with an extra song by Caroline/Schism Records in 1988. Now it's available on Revelation Records, completely remastered with restored, original artwork and photos.

CD Version.

Track Listing:

1. Expectations
2. Crucial Times
3. I Have Faith
4. Youth Of Today
5. Take A Stand
6. Positive Outlook
7. Can't Close My Eyes
8. We Just Might
9. Youth Crew
10. Take A Stand
11. Stabbed In The Back
12. We Just Might
13. Wake Up And Live
14. Standing Hard
15. Take A Stand (CD only bonus track)
16. We Just Might (CD only bonus trac

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