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The Shrine "Cruel World" 12"EP (BLUE Vinyl)

The Shrine "Cruel World" 12"EP (BLUE Vinyl)

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Following 2016's "Rare Breed" produced by Dave Jerden, and 2017's "I Can't Control It" single, The Shrine from Los Angeles return with "Cruel World" a 4 song EP of their most hard edged and headbanging tunes yet. Mixed by Tom Syrowski at Henson Studios, who pulled in a Grammy for his work in 2018 with Mastodon. "I was day dreaming about how weird it is that at the end of the movie Paris, Texas Harry Dean Stanton just leaves the kid with the mother who has no money and is working in a brothel. In the background the TV and Radio were simultaneously blasting away. One about imminent nuclear possibilities with North Korea and the other about a Kardashian's butt. The devices almost seemed to be having a fluid conversation with each other. I was shook awake and had to quickly leave the house before I vomited. I grabbed my guitar and my dog Tag and went for a walk like I do every day and by the time I got back Cruel World was written."

Limited to 250 on BLUE Vinyl


01. Cruel World
02.. Dance on a Razor’s Edge
03. The Taste of Blood
04. She Is Never Satisfied

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