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The B-52's "s/t" LP

The B-52's "s/t" LP

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DEBUT STUDIO ALBUM FROM ATHENS, GEORGIA'S THE B-52'S. The eponymous album was originally recorded in 1979 at Chris Blackwell's Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas. Blackwell kept the overdubs and effects to a minimum, preferring the capture the kitschy new wavers as close as possible to their live sound. The resulting album was a major success, even leading John Lennon to call The B-52's his favorite band. The band's goofy sense of humor and hook laden harmonies set them apart from their peers. Their celebration of pop culture lead to them becoming pop culture icons themselves. Includes the songs: "Planet Claire," "Rock Lobster," and "Downtown."


1. Planet Claire
2. 52 Girls
3. Dance This Mess Around
4. Rock Lobster
5. Lava
6. There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)
7. Hero Worship
8. 6060-842
9. Downtown

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