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Shades Apart "Save It." LP (COLOR Vinyl)

Shades Apart "Save It." LP (COLOR Vinyl)

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Shades Apart released their debut album in December 1988 on Wishingwell Records followed by two EPs, "Dude Danger" and "Neon," which caught the ear of Descendents' Bill Stevenson. Shades Apart jumped at the chance to work with their proto-punk icon, and Mr. Stevenson (along with bandmate Stephen Egerton) became the producers of their next LP. 1995's "Save It." was the product of that union.

Limited to 334 on ORANGE MARBLE Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. Menace
2. Gun
3. Weight Of Years
4. Monster
5. Secret Life
6. Way Out
7. Nothing's Real
8. Valid
9. September Burns
10. Brutus
11. Tainted Love

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