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Sc.u.m. "Born Too Soon" LP (PINK Vinyl)

Sc.u.m. "Born Too Soon" LP (PINK Vinyl)

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Hardcore skate-punk milestone “Born Too Soon” from the legendary SC.U.M. has just been re-issued. Minted a classic upon release in 1985, “Born Too Soon” captured the local Montreal legends in a huge production that foreshadowed the Bad Brains “I, Against I.”

Fans of Black Flag, D.O.A. and yes… Bad Brains will salivate at the opening salvo of the imperialist take down “Home Away From Home” and the brutal truth of “American Mould.” Skaters will want to shred their neighbor’s coping once the opening chords of “Pool Hunt” hit, and the spiritually oppressed will find peace in “Double Cross and “No Hope Religion.” It’s mid-‘80s hardcore at it’s very best. Out of print for decades the L.P. package contains a revised insert and opaque pink vinyl as well as a download code that includes never before released demos from the band’s very first recording sessions!

The band and producer have worked feverishly to create completely revamped and remastered audio for this production and we are loving the extra edge and dirt they ground out of it. This is a completely re-imagined release that exceeds the original.

500 Pressed on PINK Vinyl (Import)

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