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No Comply / Sidetracked "Split" 7"

No Comply / Sidetracked "Split" 7"

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Washington State’s SIDETRACKED deliver seventeen disjointed, breakneck speed,
experimental powerviolence blasts. Much like SISSY SPACEK did to grind of chopping up songs and making you feel mostly insane and overall anxious, SIDETRACKED lays out some amazing blasting hardcore in such an amazingly chaotic way. Florida/North Carolina/Philadelphia are represented on this NOCOMPLY session. Birthed from the same session as the THEY LIVE split, you have three tracks long enough to sink your teeth into while still blazing fast at points. This material is also newer and not collected on the East Coast Powerviolence LP. Both bands have been fine turning their styles for over twenty years so this is the culmination of dedication to their crafts. This split is not to be missed and is limited to 500 copies

Track Listing:

1. No Comply - Goofy Vs Regular
2. No Comply - Needle In A Slee Stack
3. No Comply - Fork Tongue
4. Sidetracked - Endless Fight
5. Sidetracked - Blood Pressure
6. Sidetracked - Plateau
7. Sidetracked - Liar
8. Sidetracked - Disciplinary Action I
9. Sidetracked - Hurt
10. Sidetracked - Lose-Lose
11. Sidetracked - Endless Fight (Reprise)
12. Sidetracked - To Waste
13. Sidetracked - Blow Your Brains Out
14. Sidetracked - Derailed
15. Sidetracked - Disciplinary Action II
16. Sidetracked - Conclusion
17. Sidetracked - Plastic Reality
18. Sidetracked - Burned
19. Sidetracked - Disciplinary Action III
20. Sidetracked - Dismal

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