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No Idols

Final Conflict "1985 Demo" Cassette

Final Conflict "1985 Demo" Cassette

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In the history of Southern California Hardcore Punk, the demo tape recorded by Final Conflict in 1985 is considered an important artifact. Heavily inspired by the UK’s Discharge as well as their neighbors from the northern part of the state Crucifix, the band produced a cassette containing the kind of blazing riffs and politically-charged lyrics many punks thought were over and done after being abandoned by the previous, spiky-haired generation. Although the band is most well-known for their crushing debut LP on the Pusmort label from 1987 "Ashes To Ashes" as well as the equally lethal releases that would follow, it was the wild spirit and rage contained on the demo tape that initially gained the attention of those truly committed to the 'core.

No Idols is proud to present the Final Conflict demo from 1985 in its original format accompanied by all its original artwork and lyric sheet. Made in a limited edition of 300 copies, this fifteen-song cassette comes in a numbered, rubber-stamped manilla envelope accompanied by half-sized reproductions of three classic Final Conflict flyers.

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