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Stale Phish "Pole Jams" CD

Stale Phish "Pole Jams" CD

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Stale Phish is Detroit, MI's addition to the recent crop of current-day skate punk icons. "Pole Jams" is the follow-up to 2015's well-received "Rock N Roll Revert" release. Stale Phish sings about stuff every skater can relate to including rollerbladers, broken bones and of course SKATING! The perfect blend of punk rock, humor and aggression to fuel your next skate session. So if you "Live By The Board (Die By The Board)," your life just got a new soundtrack. Brings to mind the classic skate punk energy and fun of bands like JFA, Pennywise and The Faction.

Track Listing:

1. Radneck
2. 15 Dollars Down The Drain
3. Blader Hater
4. Summer Of SK8
5. SK8 For Allah
6. Sk8 Date
7. No Easy Way
8. El Paso Ditch
9. Live By The Board (Die By The Board)
10. I Can't Remember
11. Lifer
12. Broken
13. Drop In Or Drop Out
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