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Exodus "Pleasures Of The Flesh" LP (YELLOW Vinyl)

Exodus "Pleasures Of The Flesh" LP (YELLOW Vinyl)

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As furious as their Bay Area counterparts, and with machine gun riffs from Gary Holt and Rick Runolt and absolute madman vocals from Paul Baloff, Exodus delivered a debut album that now, nearly 35 years later is universally regarded as an absolute classic. 1987 follow-up "Pleasures Of The Flesh" marked the band's first with ex-Legacy vocalist Steve 'Zetro' Souza. Songs like "Parasite," "Braindead," "Chemi-Kill" and the title track are superb sonic lessons in violence and the record remains another must-have for every decent metalhead out there.

Limited to 500 on Translucent Highlighter Yellow Vinyl. New/Sealed.

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