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Attitude Adjustment "Terrorize" CD

Attitude Adjustment "Terrorize" CD

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This is the same band from back in the day. The one that had a flexi when you subscribed to Thrasher. The one who did a LP on Pushead's "Pusmort" label. The band that's played with FORBIDDEN, VIO-LENCE, SACRILEGE, POSSESSED, HIRAX, DEATH ANGEL, R.K.L., DR.KNOW, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, C.O.C., D.R.I., DISCHARGE, UK SUBS, NEUROSIS, THE EXPLOITED, OPERATION IVY and many more!

CD Version


01. End This Endless Life
02. Dead Serious
03. Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
04. To Defeat You
05. Strayed
06. Terrorize
07. Dead To Me
08. In the Center
09. Fight With You Mind
10. Exempt
11. Stained Is Your Name

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