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Fugazi "Instrument" DVD

Fugazi "Instrument" DVD

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The DVD version of the Jem Cohen film/video released in 1999. 115 minutes, shot between the years of 1987 and 1998 on Super 8, 16mm, and video. Includes DVD-only bonus footage of two short Jem Cohen films (with Fugazi soundtracks) and three live performances.

Track Listing:

1. Pink Frosty [Demo Version]
2. Lusty Scripps
3. Arpeggiator [Demo Version]
4. Afterthought
5. Trio's
6. Turkish Disco
7. Me and Thumbelina
8. Floating Boy [Demo Version]
9. Link Track
10. Little Debbie
11. H.B.
12. I'm So Tired
13. Rend It [Demo Version]
14. Closed Captioned [Demo Version]
15. Guilford Fall [Demo Version]
16. Swingset
17. Shaken All Over
18. Slow Crostic

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