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Armageddon Label

G-anx / Filthy Christians "Split" 7" (COLOR Vinyl)

G-anx / Filthy Christians "Split" 7" (COLOR Vinyl)

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Originally released in 1988 and long out of print, the G-Anx/Filthy Christians split 7" was pretty influential to a fledgling Dropdead back in 1991/1992. Two Swedish, hardcore-punk bands each approaching fast, crazy hardcore with completely different approaches. Play this record loud and often.

Track Listing:

1. G-Anx - True Story
2. G-Anx - Chicken Fuck
3. G-Anx - Mitt Liv
4. G-Anx - Enkelbiljetten
5. G-Anx - No Religion Can Save Us From Hell
6. Filthy Christians - Satanist
7. Filthy Christians - Lev Som Du Lar
8. Filthy Christians - Olle P
9. Filthy Christians - Meningslost Vald
10. Filthy Christians - Another Metal Band
11. Filthy Christians - Skate And Die

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