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Wheelbite "Discography 1998 - 2003" CD

Wheelbite "Discography 1998 - 2003" CD

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Influenced by skateboarding and Pabst Blue Ribbon, Wheelbite tore up the Richmond, VA scene from 1998-2003 and brought a hardcore punk thrash attack that was never short on speed, anger or songs with important messages regarding Duane Peters, crack whores and Satan.

Track Listing:

1. Wheelbite
2. Fat Kid Stage Dive
3. Dime Store Hood
4. Can A Vegan Eat A Venus Fly Trap?
5. My Love, My Fear
6. What I Gotta Do
7. Sk8n For Satan
8. Crack Whore
9. Nascent Peter Panism
10. Son Of The Bitch
11. Skate True Crew
12. Duane Peters/Someday, Some How
13. Angler
14. Kentucky Waterfall
15. Hanover Street
16. Our Sin
17. Can A Vegan?
18. Golfball
19. Darts
20. 175 Pounder
21. Courts In Session
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