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Void "Sessions 1981-83" LP

Void "Sessions 1981-83" LP

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While organizing the Dischord archive, they came across the 4-track of Void's first recording session. This was done at Hit And Run Studios in November 1981 and never officially released. The master tape was nowhere to be found so the tape was remixed by Ian MacKaye and Don Zientara at Inner Ear in 2011. This release features that entire session plus their first Inner Ear demo including the "Flex Your Head" cuts and song that ended up on the "Condensed Flesh" 7", two outtakes from their second Inner Ear session and a couple of live recordings. 

Track Listing:

1. Void
2. War Hero
3. Go South
4. Condensed Flesh
5. Controller/Revolt
6. Dehumanized
7. Suburbs Suck
8. Organized Sports/W.T.F.A.Y
9. Annoyed
10. Don't Wanna Be Like You
11. Black, Jewish, And Poor
12. Please Give Us A Chance
13. Protect And Serve
14. Time To Die
15. Self-Defense
16. Draft Me Please
17. Authority
18. All White Neighborhood
19. Halfway Boys
20. Wasted Party
21. Dehumanized
22. Authority
23. My Rules
24. Get Out Of My Way
25. Condensed Flesh
26. Organized Sports/Annoyed
27. Controller/Revolt
28. Black, Jewish, And Poor
29. War Hero
30. Go South
31. Dehumanized
32. Get Out Of My Way
33. Explode (live)
34. My Rules (live)

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