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The Odd Numbers "The Oddyssey" LP

The Odd Numbers "The Oddyssey" LP

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THE ODD NUMBERS (Dave Baisa, Dave Miller, John Cummings) began in 88′ hailing from San Jose California. Straight out of high school they began playing a mix of sixties beat, 70s punk, soul and powerpop. Playing the local colleges and parties for a audience of mostly punks, mods and skaters. After a year or so they moved into the clubs where they were discovered by Ray Stevens II (of THE FACTION) who began managing and producing them. By 1990 they’d released their first LP About Time which was featured heavily in skateboarding videos put out by The New Deal and Santa Cruz.

The next record Retrofitted For Today was embraced by the country of Sweden when it was given a 5 star review by the country’s top music magazine. This led to a headlining tour of Scandinavian summer festivals and a Swedish and a Spanish record deal. The trip ended unfortunately When drummer John Cummings was injured in a motorcycle accident that left him in the hospital for months.

The Numbers returned to the studio with new drummer Dave Conrad for the third record Guide To Modern Living which was received well in Sweden and got some mainstream airplay but didn’t really do much.

By the time of the fourth record 2001s The Trials N Tribulations Of Cummings was back on drums and the band was on a new label (Coldfront Records) but by this point the band was tired and disillusioned with the music industry. By 2003 THE ODD NUMBERS had stopped touring while remaining a unit for the occasional show.

Flash to present day. THE ODD NUMBERS (Dave Baisa, Dave Miller, Dave Conrad) have released their first record in 16 years The Oddyssey and have signed to Beer City Records which is set to reissue their first record About Time for the first time on vinyl. THE ODD NUMBERS still perform live and may be in your town soon!

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