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The Odd Numbers "About Time" LP

The Odd Numbers "About Time" LP

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In 1990 San Jose’s the ODD NUMBERS made their worldwide debut when their songs became the soundtrack for the ‘ New Deal - promo ‘ video that was put out to introduce this new skateboard company and showcase their riders and products. As it played in skate shops all across the world it also introduced millions of skateboarders to the mod/punk/soul sounds of the ODD NUMBERS. Which immediately gained the band many fans on a global basis! Not content to sit home and rot the ODD NUMBERS began playing out throughout the US and eventually Europe attracting skateboarders, punks and mods wherever they went.

Produced by LOS OLVIDADOS and THE FACTION’s Ray Stevens, this classic was originally released in 1990 on cassette. 


Side one
1. Don’t Bother Me
2. Little Kings and Queens
3. It Makes No Difference
4. In the World
5. She Made Me Shake
6. The Get Away

Side two
1. About Time
2. Holiday
3. Get In the Groove
4. Good as Gold
5. If I Only Had You
6. Sweet Soul Music

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