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The Accüsed "Baked Tapes" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

The Accüsed "Baked Tapes" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

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Collects rare outtakes of "Blood-Soaked Splatter Rock" from 1986-91. Contains covers such as "Barracuda" and "Devil Woman" as well as early versions of "Bethany Home & Halo of Flies" and many more. Canadian Import.

Limited to 1000 on GREY/RED "SPLATTER ROCK" Vinyl

Side 1: 
Halo Of Flies (A Deadly Blessing) 
Lifeless Zone 
Brutality and Corruption 
Splatter Rock 
Grinning Like An Undertaker 

Side 2: 
Tapping The Vein 
Rape (Not A Love Song) 
Bethany Home 
Devil Woman 


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