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Since We Were Kids! "Rehashed Roadrash" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

Since We Were Kids! "Rehashed Roadrash" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

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Drain your pools cause Since We Were Kids! is back with "Rehashed Roadrash," 16 tracks that feature new songs, newly recorded old songs, and a cover of Agression's "Intense Energy." For almost a decade, these scene vets of California's high desert have been combining a love of punk rock and skateboarding for a sound that brings to mind the classics the way only a band from California can.

Limited to 200 on ORANGE Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. Reality Check
2. GTH
3. Imacs & Itracks
4. Jokes On Us
5. Counterfeit
6. New Jack City
7. Poolside
8. Demise
9. Hard Cement No Regrets
10. Cancel Dissent
11. False Idols
12. Intense Energy
13. Pry My Hands
14. Resident Evil
15. Winner's Life
16. Posi Pride

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