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Shove It "No Comply" LP

Shove It "No Comply" LP

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Formed in 2006 in Sacramento, ‘Shove It’ has been making skate punk music and playing gigs off and on for nearly 20 years. Originally a four-piece consisting of Jason Lemen (Hypnotic Four)  on guitar, Paul (Leisure Sports) on drums, Bean (Black Knight Satellite) on bass and Chris (Three Hole Face) on vocals, Shove It finally became a punk rock Voltron in 2010 with the addition of Crow (Six Cents, Lesdystics) on guitar.

After playing possibly their 50th live show (just a guess) with the Dictators on election night - November 8th 2016, Shove took a long break. Then miraculously in 2023, Shove It appeared in the excellent documentary "N-Men: The Untold Story" and played their first live show in 7 years with JFA and Drunk Injuns at the N-Men Summer Party. This motivated the group to finally press their first LP "No Comply"


1. And There Was Blood (Up To His Neck)
2. Shackled
3. Change
4. Foot In Mouth
5. Singularity
6. Bart Cop
7. I Don't Like You
8. Fed Up
9. Distractivist
10. Manufactured Consent
11. Viviendo El Sueno
12. Abracadaver
13. Wavering Pride
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