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Pennywise "Unknown Road" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

Pennywise "Unknown Road" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

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With songs featured in a variety of board films; "Unknown Road" could be considered the soundtrack to the lives of skaters, surfers and snowboarders everywhere. Featuring Pennywise classics "Homesick," "It's Up To Me," "You Can Demand" and "Unknown Road," Pennywise lays out their philosophy of independence and daring to live every moment to its fullest.

Anniversary Edition BLUE w/ORANGE SPLATTER Vinyl

Track Listing:

1. Unknown Road
2. Homesick
3. Time To Burn
4. It's Up To Me
5. You Can Demand
6. Nothing
7. Vices
8. City Is Burning
9. Dying To Know
10. Tester
11. Try To Conform
12. Give And Get
13. Clear Your Head

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