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Pailhead "Trait" LP (PURPLE Vinyl)

Pailhead "Trait" LP (PURPLE Vinyl)

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The complete recordings from the short-lived side project of Ministry's Al Jourgensen and Fugazi's Ian MacKaye. Combining Jourgensen's industrial production with MacKaye's punk rock-inspired vocals, Pailhead burned bright in its short existence, recording and releasing just six tracks. This collection includes a rare bonus mix as well as a brand-new remix by The Mission/Peter Murphy guitarist Mark Gemini Thwaite.


Track Listing:

1. Don't Stand In Line
2. Ballad
3. Man Should Surrender
4. Anthem
5. I Will Refuse
6. No Bunny
7. Don't Stand In Line (dub mix)
8. Man Should Surrender (MGT mix)

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