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McRad "Lion Pure" 2XLP

McRad "Lion Pure" 2XLP

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You can't have a discussion about Skate Rock without the name McRad. Formed by Philadelphia skater Chuck Treece in the early '80s, McRad instantly left a mark on their local scene. Their initial EP "Dominant Force" and the full-length "Absence Of Sanity" became instant classics. An appearance on Thrasher Magazine's "Skate Rock Vol. 2" comp followed with their music being used in classic Powell Peralta skate videos like "Ban This" and "Public Domain" all but assured McRad would go down in Skate Rock history. "Lion Pure" is a document of those early days with this limited, 2xLP set featuring both "Dominant Force" and "Absence Of Sanity," which have both been out of print since the mid-'80s; tracks from the Thrasher "Skate Rock Vol. 2" comp; and bonus live material including two tracks featuring HR of the Bad Brains. 2xLP includes digital download.

BLACK Vinyl limited to 403
TRI-COLOR (RED, YELLOW, GREEN) Vinyl limited to 296

Track Listing:

1. Sundial
2. Acid Drop
3. Programmed Children
4. Rest Haven
5. Dominant Force
6. No Guns
7. Forget Those Years
8. Greed
9. Angle Of Lite
10. Space Dub Travel
11. Another Chance
12. Hesitation
13. Prevent That Tragedy
14. Tomorrow's Headline
15. Broken String Dub (live)
16. McShred
17. This Indecision
18. In My Forever
19. Tom Groholski
20. Brain
21. Weak Style
22. Fiend
23. Dead By Dawn
24. Jocelyn
25. Words Of Life
26. Weakness
27. McRad Dub For Andy
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