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Jerry's Kidz "Well Fed Society" 7"

Jerry's Kidz "Well Fed Society" 7"

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Mid 80s was a very exciting time for the US hardcore. Following in the footsteps of Minor Threat, Necros, 7 Seconds, MDC, Zero Boys,… hundreds of Hardcore Punk bands sprawled all over the US. Every city had their own scene or at least a band that people in the scene would associate that place with. For Milwaukee it was Die Kreuzen, for Minneapolis it was Husker Du, for Tulsa it was NOTA, for Raleigh Corrosion Of Conformity, for Phoenix JFA,… and for Albuquerque, New Mexico it was Jerry´s Kidz.

This skate punk band that played so fast, as if their lives depended on it, ended up being the only mid 80s HC band from Albuquerque that managed to release a record. And what a record!

Well Fed Society is a 5 song banger that packs a punch and travels at 100 mph, slowing down just enough to be able to attack you again with a new barrage. When the record clocks at under 7.30 minutes, you can hear on the recording one of the members exclaim “Is that it?!”, summarizing the essence of this record. It´s loud, fast and short, and everything they wanted to say takes no longer than to drink a cup of coffee.

Musically, this would be down the alley for fans of Minor Threat, Stalag 13, Zero Boys, Circle Jerks,… It´s fast but melodic, well written and even better played. This truly is a mid 80s US hardcore classic! Released in 1984 and reissued on No Plan records.

Limited to 400 on BLACK Vinyl

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