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Armageddon Label

Hirax "Raging Violence" LP (COLOR vinyl)

Hirax "Raging Violence" LP (COLOR vinyl)

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The 1985, debut album, "Raging Violence," by Los Angeles, CA's legendary Hirax. A furious crossover/thrash/speed-metal assault that was able to bridge the gap between straight-up fans of traditional metal and the embryonic "crossover" hardcore/punk era that was evolving in 1985. Always fast, rough, and raw, they blasted forward with vicious energy, relentless speed, and uncompromising dedication to delivering face-melting metal.

Limited edition of 500 copies.

Track Listing:

1. Demons - Evil Forces
2. Blitzkrieg Air Attack
3. Guardian Protector
4. Bombs Of Death
5. Defeat Of Amalek
6. Raging Violence
7. Call Of The Gods
8. Warlords Command
9. Suicide
10. Executed
11. The Gauntlet
12. Destruction And Terror
13. Destroy
14. Bloodbath

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