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Glycine Max "Violent Mind // Peaceful Heart" CD

Glycine Max "Violent Mind // Peaceful Heart" CD

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This is the Complete Discography for the legendary Long Beach, California grind/crust/punk band Glycine Max. This CD contains their long out of print "Violent Mind//Peaceful Heart" LP as well as 1st & 2nd demo tracks, live and unreleased material. 


1. Violent Mind // Peaceful Heart
2. Falling Apart
3. Intrometal
4. Take It Back
5. Freed From The Problem
6. Threshold (Unreleased)
7. I Hate Two Second Songs
8. One Fine Day
9. Crust Core
10. Falling Apart (Live)
11. Our Taxes Pay (2nd Demo)
12. Take It Back (2nd Demo)
13. Commitment To Rebellion (2nd Demo)
14. Freed From The Problem (2nd Demo)
15. One Fine Day (2nd Demo)
16. Side By Side (2nd Demo)
17. Don't Make Us Fight (2nd Demo)
18. Uncontrolled Nuclear Power (2nd Demo)
19. Life Is Hell (1st Demo)
20. Take It Back (1st Demo)


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