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Southern Lord Recordings

Excel "The Joke's On You" LP

Excel "The Joke's On You" LP

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Originally released via Caroline Records and produced by Randy Burns (Megadeth, Kreator, Possessed), "The Joke's On You" is the band's second full-length which saw wide acclaim from thrash, punk, metal, and skate rock circles. Drawing influence from a diverse range of artists including Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Jimi Hendrix, and early era Corrosion Of Conformity, people often talk of crossover bands but none quite do it as exceptionally well as Excel. The Southern Lord reissue was remastered by Brad Boatright.

Track Listing:

1. Drive
2. Shadow Winds
3. Fired (You're)
4. Tapping Into The Emotional Void
5. Affection Blends With Resentment
6. Seeing Insane
7. My Thoughts
8. I Never Denied
9. Message In A Bottle
10. Given Question
11. The Stranger
12. Blaze Some Hate (bonus track)

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