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DFL "My Crazy Life" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

DFL "My Crazy Life" LP (COLOR Vinyl)

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Dead Fucking Last (also known as DFL) is an American punk rock band founded in 1991 in Los Angeles, CA, by Tom Davis, Monty Messex, Adam (Ad-Rock) Horovitz (Beastie Boys), and Tony Converse. Trust Records is proud to reissue the band's iconic, debut full-length "My Crazy Life," which was recorded at the Beastie Boys' G-Son Studios in Atwater Village by B-Boys' producer Mario Caldato Jr (Mario C). The deluxe reissue also includes a 20-page, full-color oral history, a massive, full-color 'zine packed with unpublished flyers and, the piece de resistance: a complete, totally unreleased live show that was recorded at a huge party at G-Son Studios the day after album tracking was completed.

Limited to 750 on SPLIT GREEN VINYL (free poster while supplies last) 

Track Listing:

1. DFL
2. The Mosher
3. U Don't Understand
4. Pizza Man
5. Meter Maid
6. Monk's Honor
7. Knucklehead Nation
8. America's Most Hardcore
9. Get The Fuck Out
10. Think About The Pit?
11. F.F.F.
12. Smoke Bomb
13. Don't Be A Kook
14. Creme Cheese'n Hand Grenades
15. My Crazy Life
16. Intro (live) (bonus track)
17. DFL (live) (bonus track)
18. The Mosher (live) (bonus track)
19. U Don't Understand (live) (bonus track)
20. Pizza Man (live) (bonus track)
21. Meter Maid (live) (bonus track)
22. Monk's Honor (live) (bonus track)
23. Knucklehead Nation (live) (bonus track)
24. America's Most Hardcore (live) (bonus track)
25. Get The Fuck Out (live) (bonus track)
26. Think About The Pit? (live) (bonus track)
27. F.F.F. (live) (bonus track)

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