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Descendents "Liveage" LP

Descendents "Liveage" LP

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"Liveage!" is a live album by the American punk rock band Descendents, originally released in 1987 through SST Records. The band's first live album, it was recorded July 13, 1987, at First Avenue in Minneapolis during their summer, 1987 "FinALL" tour, so-called because singer Milo Aukerman was leaving the Descendents to pursue a career in biochemistry, after which the band was relaunching itself under the name All. "Liveage!" was followed by a second live album, "Hallraker: Live!," which was partly recorded at the same show but featured a completely different set of songs.

Track Listing:

1. All
2. I'm Not A Loser
3. Silly Girl
4. I Wanna Be A Bear
5. Coolidge
6. Weinerschnitzel
7. I Don't Want To Grow Up
8. Kids
9. Wendy
10. Get The Time
11. Descendents
12. All-O-Gistics
13. Myage
14. My Dad Sucks
15. Van
16. Suburban Home
17. Hope
18. Clean Sheets

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