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Corrosion Of Conformity "Animosity" LP

Corrosion Of Conformity "Animosity" LP

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Before Corrosion Of Conformity would join the family of groove-truckin’ bands like Crowbar and Kyuss, the Raleigh, NC, unit were just three hardcore kids pioneering punk’s crossover with thrash-metal. Their second record, 1985’s Animosity, is a 26-minute blast that unites Metallica’s flaming-spear riffage, the Bad Brains’ cartoonish zip and the slow chug sections of Black Flag’s My War — but with an even more overt reverence for Sabbathian fuzz, hinting at CoC’s sludge metamorphosis in the following decade.

Track Listing:

1. Loss For Words
2. Mad World
3. Consumed
4. Holier
5. + Outlook
6. Prayer
7. Intervention
8. Kiss Of Death
9. Hungry Child
10. Animosity


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