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BRONXxx "Poser Now Poser Forever" LP

BRONXxx "Poser Now Poser Forever" LP

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Poser Now Poser Forever brings you 25 raging songs reminiscent of the good old days of early 80`s USHXC, The Skate Rock cassettes, girl`s new wave bands and the sounds of wheels and decks at the skate park. Not only do you get 25 kick ass songs, but the legendary TIM KERR of THE BIG BOYS gave this record his blessing by doing the cover art for this LP.

Side 1:

01. Poser Now Poser Forever
02. Always Right
03. III
04. Surf Fucked Me Up
05. Pure Poser
06. Nate Fucked Zombie Dogs
07. Drinking Is Fun
08. Rejected
09. Poser King
10. Piss Poor Pop
11. Take You Back
12. A Map Of The World Peace
13. We Hate Boss

Side 2:

01. Brainwashed Crew
02. Welcome To The Dance Floor
03. Butter Dog
04. Hey Hey Hey
05. Boston VS Detroit 06. My Adidas Funky Fresh
07. Fuck Landlord
08. Out of Control
09. Get A Grip
10. Violent Children
11. Max Roach
12. Lameless Fuck

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