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Black Flag "The Process Of Weeding Out" 12"EP

Black Flag "The Process Of Weeding Out" 12"EP

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An experiment in style released in the midst of Black Flag's most creative and productive era, THE PROCESS OF WEEDING OUT is a four-song EP of varied instrumentals recorded by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn, bassist Kira Roessler, and drummer Bill Stevenson without the participation of singer Henry Rollins. The title track had previously appeared on the LIVE '84 release, but this studio take is less frenzied, though no less powerful. The jazz-tinged "Your Last Affront" is a showcase for Roessler's remarkably melodic playing, whereas the near-hardcore "Screw the Law" and the bluesy "Southern Rise" are platforms for Ginn's lengthy, freeform guitar solos. The results are considerably more interesting than you might expect, but if you're a Black Flag fan mostly for Rollins' voice and lyrics, you might want to pass. 

(New reissue w/ no "Instrumental" written on cover, no barcode on back.)


  1. Your Last Affront
  2. Screw The Law
  3. The Process Of Weeding Out
  4. Southern Rise
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