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Teenage Bottlerocket "Stay Rad!" LP

Teenage Bottlerocket "Stay Rad!" LP

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"Stay Rad!" shows a slightly different side of Teenage Bottlerocket, putting their growth and progression on full display while remaining a quintessential Teenage Bottlerocket album - complete with enthralling melodies, perfect harmonies, and their trademark, breakneck down-strumming. Vinyl version includes digital download.

Track Listing:

1. You Don't Get The Joke
2. Death Kart
3. Everything To Me
4. I Wanna Be A Dog
5. Night Of The Knuckleheads
6. Creature From The Black Metal Lagoon
7. Anti-Social Media
8. Wild Hair (Across My Ass)
9. The First Time That I Did Acid Was The Last Time That I Did Acid
10. I Want To Kill Clint Carlin
11. I'll Kill You Tomorrow
12. Stupid Song
13. Little Kid
14. I Never Knew
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