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Misfits "Walk Among Us" LP

Misfits "Walk Among Us" LP

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"Walk Among Us," The Misfits' legendary 1982 debut album, isn't so much a musical milestone as it is an an American music culture milestone. A mixture of 1950s sci-fi and horror imagery, Elvis, rockabilly, and still fun, funny, creepy, and brilliant. A wonderfully crude 13 songs churned out in just 25 minutes. 

Track Listing:

1. 20 Eyes
2. I Turned Into A Martian
3. All Hell Breaks Loose
4. Vampira
5. Nike A Go Go
6. Hate Breeders
7. Mommy, Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight (live)
8. Night Of The Living Dead
9. Skulls
10. Violent World
11. Devils Whorehouse
12. Astro Zombies
13. Braineaters

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